If you need a clean, healthy water solution, trust the local experts at Pure Water Systems of Nevada. For over 30 years, we have purified water in Northern NV. We know what contaminants exist and what solutions work best in this region. We will help you find the best whole-house water system to keep your family healthy and protect your home and appliances. With a setup tailored to your needs, you will have a reliable source of clean water at every tap in your home.

Our Whole-House Water Systems

We only carry the best American-made whole-house water filters. In Northern Nevada’s high desert climate, we have thousands of different water sources, which are all different in water quality. After 30 years, we know your neighborhood’s water sources and have the experience to help you choose effective solutions.

Whole-house water filters are multi-stage and remove calcium, hardness minerals, arsenic, chlorine, chlorine byproducts, bacteria, and viruses. Every client has unique water needs, and we carry over 48 variations of whole-house water conditioners. We’ll help you find what’s best for you with guaranteed results. Some of our whole-house water system solutions include options to treat:

Benefits of a Whole-House Water Filter

Whether you need a whole-house well water treatment system or a solution for city water, Pure Water Systems of Nevada can help you find the right equipment. Our whole-house systems provide specialized solutions to address Northern Nevada’s unique water issues. With a water filter for your whole house, you can avoid arsenic, PFOS, microplastics, chlorine, minerals, and emerging contaminants in your water supply. Healthier water offers many advantages, including:
  • Reduced buildup: Enjoy shiny and scale-free granite countertops, shower doors, and faucets. Fixtures look like new and last longer.
  • Odor-free water: Remove the chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and hydrogen sulfide odors from your home’s water.
  • Healthy, contaminant-free drinking water: Turn on any tap to get clear, delicious, bottled-water-quality water for drinking and cooking.
  • Longer water heater life: Minerals often build up in water heater elements, causing premature damage, voiding the warranty, and requiring maintenance or replacement.
  • Clean dishes and surfaces: Anything you wash, including dishes, clothes, sheets and cars will look better with a filter that removes contaminants.
  • Environmental protection: With safe drinking water on tap, you can reduce your carbon footprint and plastic bottle use.

Why Choose Pure Water Systems of Nevada?

We have been northern Nevada’s first choice for water purification for 30 years because:

  • We are locally owned and have close ties to the community.
  • We are Water Quality Association-certified water experts.
  • We treat our customers right.
  • We carry American-made products with lifetime warranties and guaranteed results.

Contact Us: Whole-House Water Filter Company Near Reno

If you’re thinking of adding a whole-house water softener in Reno or the surrounding area, we’re here to help. Schedule a free water test to learn more about your water, or contact us for more information about our whole-house water filtration systems for well and city water.