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Timothy DaveyTimothy Davey
23:03 10 Dec 21
Raughn was super professional and the most knowledgeable water system guy Iv heard been around. Very nice and extremely punctual. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Marianne FosterMarianne Foster
23:12 22 Nov 21
Pure Water Systems is amazing; you will never look back!! Adam just serviced my house's system at the one year mark, and he was fantastic! I highly recommend this product (and get Adam if you can).
Jennifer LearyJennifer Leary
02:56 13 Nov 21
I had Pure Water Systems of Nevada install a water system and could not be happier!From the initial encounter with Nico…. helping me determine what would be the best for my home ….to installation with Adam who was efficient and fast. I had a softener installed in the garage; drinking water system under my sink; and water to the ice maker. The units fit perfect and they are compact too.I could tell the difference in my sinks, toilets, and showers to my now soft hair. My laundry also is coming out cleaner!On even more of a plus side, Nico reached out after the installation to follow up and helped me move the unit for some garage work. I could’ve not done this on my own. He worked around his schedule to make that happen and I could not appreciate it more.I appreciate this type of dedication and my hat is off to a job well done!!Thank you!
Zella MihldZella Mihld
21:02 18 Oct 21
I actually can’t fuss over the whole experience enough… Chris was the gentleman who came to our home in Dayton ( on time) went over the whole process with us… he didn’t need to do a sales pitch… our water is so terrible… however he so patiently went over the entire process… Next came Jesse (on time) the gentleman to do the install… what a beautiful job he did … from letting us know what he was doing… to cutting into the marble sink countertop for the water system… just a perfect job … about 5 hours I really don’t believe he even took a break … next thing we are setting up another visit from Chris to come by and test the system to make sure all was right … Pure water system is definitely a perfect change and a much better quality of life for us … Just a great job and company…
David MansfieldDavid Mansfield
15:30 01 Sep 21
Call these guys. Nico is a good solid person. His products are solid. His advice is right on. After the install, now we don't have to chip scale off our fixtures.And the service response is top notch. We ran out of pellets in the softener, and we had a refill in hours...under warranty.Good solid company, good people and very responsive.


Your body is 85% water –doesn’t it make sense to drink the cleanest, healthiest water you can find?



Your skin is like a sponge, absorbing water — and any impurities in that water. In fact, impurities in your home’s water can be devastating to your skin, contributing to dry and irritated skin, eczema, acne and more.



Problem Well Water is our specialty and there is no “One Size Fits All Solution”. The technology has evolved rapidly since 1993.



By addressing chlorine, disinfection byproducts, and even heavy metals homeowners and small commercial applications are able to have perfect water quality from every tap in the home while also recognizing the benefits of scale prevention.



Saltless water systems are a good alternative for those who need water treatment but prefer to avoid using salt or chemicals.


Chlorine can also damage the skin and cause premature signs of aging. Even small amounts of chlorine can be harmful over time. When you shower, heat opens your pores and allows the chlorine to seep into your skin.



We work with the top OEM’s ( Original Equipment Manufacturers ) in the industry  to provide you with the most reliable & innovative equipment on the planet !



Arsenic is the #1 Health Threat to our drinking Water in Northern Nevada . Arsenic is a Neuro Toxin-You Can’t see it, Taste it or Smell it , but 58% of the wells in Northern Nevada exceed the EPA limit for Arsenic.



Office Water: Our point of Use bottle less water coolers have made bottled water obsolete in today’s work place .

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