Your Facility's Local, Experienced Specialists For Commercial Water Systems

Since 1993, we’ve proudly served as Northern Nevada’s trusted experts in commercial and industrial water treatment. Over the years, we’ve forged lasting bonds by crafting top-tier commercial water treatment systems for a wide array of establishments, including production facilities, hospitals, casinos, and government agencies.

We’ve honed our expertise to know exactly what equipment gets the job done right. With a dedicated team of twenty-five certified professionals, we take immense pride in meticulously engineering systems tailored to meet your facility’s unique demands.



If you need a commercial water purification system, we can help you find the right one. We provide expert advice, service and installation for many industrial water treatment systems. You can choose a setup to remove minerals, bacteria and other common contaminants. We also offer deionized (DI) water systems to provide essential supplies to laboratories and manufacturing plants.


We don’t just provide residential water products and services. We also service some of the biggest companies near Reno and Sparks. Our clients span many industries, and we have the expertise to provide water treatment solutions, including commercial reverse osmosis systems and commercial water softener installation. Whether you need quality water for government facilities, food service establishments, health care organizations, manufacturing buildings or other spaces, we’re nearby with a custom solution.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Water Treatment?

Our staff includes specialists, installers and technicians certified by the Water Quality Association. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to continuing education to serve commercial customers across many industries. You can also expect prompt, personal service from our dedicated team.

Our commercial water purification systems are also American-made, meaning they use high-quality parts and materials, giving your system the strength to treat large-scale water needs for years to come. When you need clean, healthy water, you can rely on the expert team at Pure Water Systems to engineer the ideal solution.

Contact Us About Your Project

Whether your business needs commercial well filters or a water descaler, Pure Water Systems of Nevada will help you find the best option. If you have an upcoming commercial water treatment system project and need professional help designing and implementing it, get in touch today to discuss our solutions.

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