Since 1993, we’ve perfected the craft of well water treatment in Northern Nevada. Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise today.




Revitalize Your Well Water with Local Expertise, Hands-On Experience, and Friendships Cultivated Over 30 Years

Choose from one of these options to meet your specific needs, backed by our extensive local expertise, hands-on experience, and a network cultivated over three decades:

Experience the difference in every aspect of your home – countertops that gleam, faucets that stay new, and showers that are effortlessly easy to clean. Our softener solutions are expertly crafted to combat the challenges posed by Nevada’s harsh well water.

Benefits of Our Softener Solutions:

  • Preserves the longevity of your on-demand water heater by preventing scale buildup
  • Effectively tackles scale buildup throughout your entire home
  • Innovative technology reduces salt usage by 50%
  • Maintains the brightness of clothes and keeps hair color shiny
  • Addresses issues of hardness, iron, manganese, and unpleasant odors in well water
  • Features a chlorine generator to combat iron bacteria

Collaborate with our experienced team to find the perfect softener solution tailored to your well water’s unique characteristics. Elevate your home’s water quality and enjoy the lasting benefits for your skin, hair, and overall household well-being.


No two wells are alike. Neither are your unique demands.
It’s a science and an art that we have the solutions for.



  • Nevada’s Proven Solution for “Rotten Egg Smell”
  • Designed to take on orange hair, toilet rings & unpleasant odors
  • Salt & Chemical Free Iron and Manganese removal
  • Solution for Low Ph aggressive water
  • Removal of Iron, Iron Bacteria, Sulfur, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, Black Manganese, Algae, Tannins, Arsenic, Low output well and low pH.




Nevada Water Experts for 29 Years
We are here to help with…

  • Arsenic Removal
  • Discolored Water
  • Blue Stains and Corrosion
  • Sediment
  • Odors
  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Nitrates
  • And More!



Bacteria Virus Solutions

  • Ensure your water is safe from harmful bacteria
  • Works in Boil orders -positive coliform tests
  • Kills microbes from well water intrusion (rodents, rain, or floods)
  • necessary for anyone with a Compromised immune system
  • UV bulb that kills airborne bacteria throughout the home.
  • Mounts onto your existing forced air furnace.
  • Ensure that you and your family are breathing clean air with the power of UVC technology.

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With the number of contaminants in Northern Nevada’s weather supply, it is necessary to bathe in and drink the cleanest, healthiest water possible. If you are planning on purchasing a home with well water, it’s vital to also account for your water well treatment system. Often, new homes will instantly lose the new shine the moment dirty water passes over  faucets and fixtures. At Pure Water Systems of NV, we help homeowners protect their investment. Enjoy healthier, cleaner well water through our high-quality filtration systems with LIFETIME WARRANTIES . 

What Is Well Water?

If your home has well water, you get your water supply from a nearby, private groundwater source. As a homeowner, you are responsible for owning and maintaining the well water, which means it does not undergo a government testing and treatment process. You must utilize your own filtration system to ensure it is safe.

4 Tips for Choosing a Water System for Well Water

Choosing the right well water filter system for a private well will depend on various factors, like flow rate and filter size. Some tips for selecting the right water treatment systems for your well include:

1. Verify Which Contaminants Are Present in Your Water

The right filter for your home will largely depend on which contaminants are present in your water supply. Our professional team is happy to come to your home to determine whether impurities such as iron and sediment are present and how to remove them.

2. Calculate the Flow Rate Requirements of Dispensers and Appliances

A flow rate measures the amount of water that can run through your home in gallons per minute. When buying your filter, check your appliances’ demand specifications to calculate the proper flow rate for your well water treatment system.

3. Consider the Correct Filter Size for Your Home

When determining the right size, consider the filter’s port size as it impacts the water pressure. Larger filters are generally better because they allow an increased water supply with a longer service interval.

4. Check the Filter’s Life Span

Your filter’s life span will depend on the quantity and quality of water you wish to filter. For example, if you plan to use large amounts of water, you will want a more powerful filter.

Enjoy Cleaner and Safer Well Water With Pure Water Systems of NV

Since the creation of Pure Water Systems of NV, we have become Northern Nevada’s highest-rated purification company due to our effective well water filtration systems. We offer some of the best well water treatment systems in our area and strive to provide the most value for our customers. We invite you to complete our online contact form today to learn more about our well water solutions!