We serve companies of all sizes with water filtration coolers and other bottleless products. Our team will discuss your business’s water usage to create a tailored solution.

Bottleless Water Coolers - For the Health-Conscious Team Leader!

Benefits of a Bottleless Water Dispenser with Filter


You’re the Person Who Cares About Your Team’s Health!

Keep your team healthy, hydrated, happy and productive with a pure, unlimited supply of ice-cold and hot water. In northern Nevada’s climate, you need ice-cold water to beat the heat. Plus, your employees need hot water for beverages like tea and coffee.

Our water cooler dispensers in Reno provide an ecological and economical alternative to bottled water. You can save money and help protect the planet by adding an office water filter dispenser to your current setup. The water you get from our dispensers is better than bottled, costing on average 40% less.

Benefits of Choosing Pure Water Systems of Nevada

Find a safe water solution for your northern Nevada office. We are a locally owned company with deep roots in this region, meaning we understand your unique water treatment needs. We’ve offered water treatment solutions since 1993, so you can trust us for the best office water cooler – bottleless!

With a water cooler from Pure Water Systems of NV, maintenance is no mystery! All service is included with no hidden fees and we place a service sticker on every unit that tells you when it was last serviced, the quality of the water, and what service was performed.

We also work hard to provide the highest value for every customer. You will receive a specific solution that works for you. Describe your water requirements, including how much water you use and whether you need hot, cold or a combination. Our team will suggest a solution that suits you. We can even address water quality issues with solutions like a bottleless water cooler with reverse osmosis that removes most contaminants. We also have ultraviolet (UV) systems to kill germs and bacteria.

Buy a Water Dispenser Cooler in Reno

If you’re looking for water coolers for sale in northern Nevada, Pure Water Systems will help you get the best one for your needs. Whether you want a water cooler for your home, a bottle filling station for your school or a dispenser for your office, we have a solution for you. Contact us online to learn more about pricing and services.

Reasons to Get an Office Water Cooler
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