If you often see orange rings in your toilet bowl or your clothes look stained directly from the washing machine, iron may be the culprit. This element often appears in the water, especially in private wells that lack water treatment plants to filter out this contaminant. The metal can also occur in lower concentrations in city water. Pure Water Systems of Nevada helps homeowners and commercial properties near Reno remove iron with water filters for high iron content.

Anthony GianoniAnthony Gianoni
21:08 05 Aug 22
Chris Lombardo our sales tech was great. Super accommodating and made sure to answer any questions promptly whenever they came up. Chris was easy to communicate with which was appreciated. Will did a great job with the installation. He was quick and it looks great. Instant change to the water quality throughout our home.
Gene PooleGene Poole
21:46 29 Jul 22
Best water and service. We had a Pure water system placed 6 months ago to take care of all the calcium deposits in our fixtures. Now there hasn't be a single spot of calcium build up anywhere. The installation was clean and quick. The technician was very friendly and answered all my questions and concerns. We are very happy with our nice clean tasty water.
Denise MendoncaDenise Mendonca
00:51 13 Jul 22
We had a fabulous experience working with Andrew G at Pure Water in Sparks, NV. He was VERY customer service oriented and explained the system we bought clearly and answered all our questions. Dillon the installer was meticulous and did a clean install. He also explained how the system worked. Andrew came out to the house after the install to make sure we were happy and answered questions. The water tastes great! We definitely recommend calling Andrew if you have any interest in improving on your water.
Laura SteelmanLaura Steelman
23:14 06 Jul 22
BEFORE PURE: Our glasses were covered with spots and foggy. Our hair sounded like wheat and skin like dried leather hide. Our ice machine created floating particles. It made our mouths dry when we brushed our teeth.AFTER PURE: Glasses are beautiful and clear after every dishwasher use. Our hair is so fluffy and our skin feels like human skin again. We drink so much water now and clearly feel the difference in our laundry too! Totally game changing all around!Thanks Luke & Jeremy for the great customer service, explaining everything and the genuine care in making our home a healthier place to live! We can't believe now that we even debated getting this! Trust us, it's worth every drop of your dollar.Tim Snell & Laura SteelmanStagecoach, NV
The gentlemen who came in were professional, helpful and very kind. We had a purified water system put in. AKA a regular water dispenser that purifies/filters the water from our water system in the building. They were clean and efficient with the work. Very much recommend this company! We are very happy with the water and the water tastes cold and fresh. Thank you!!
Jamie ThompsonJamie Thompson
20:58 04 Jan 22
Nico came to our home for our assessment and quote. He was timely and extremely professional. His knowledge of the water source we are on was phenomenal and we really appreciate the time he spent educating us and reviewing our options. Not only did Nico take great care of us but then he made sure the best installer, Chris Schuth came to our home for our install. Chris showed up on time with all of the parts and tools he needed. He explained everything and took great care in installing our new water heater and water filtering system. He was so kind and efficient. This was 5 star service all around and I would recommend them to anyone! thank you Nico and Chris!!
May KauferMay Kaufer
23:51 21 Dec 21
This water system is worth every penny! I’ve been showering at the gym for months because our water was so hard and hurt my hair (blonde is difficult and expensive). Been wanting the system for so long and I am SO happy we took the leap. They make it so easy and offer financing which helped the decision as well. I am so happy to say that my hair is softer and nicer than ever and not being stripped any longer! The water pressure has improved immensely, I finally have real bubbles in my bubble bath (never foamed up before!), husband is stoked I don’t go to the gym to shower anymore, the reverse osmosis is amazing as well! I have nothing but great things to say about Luke and his team! Thank you so much for making this easy and rescuing my hair and skin! Not to mention we finally have clear and clean dishes, clean sink and shower!
Arelyne DonaldsonArelyne Donaldson
02:08 20 Dec 21
Absolutely happy with Pure Water Systems! Had Chris come out and talk to me and another Chris came and installed and they were both amazing! The installer Chris went above and beyond what I expected. He even told me issues that were going on under my house that I would have never know. I highly recommend Pure, as my water tastes great and feels wonderful!
Jennifer LearyJennifer Leary
02:56 13 Nov 21
I had Pure Water Systems of Nevada install a water system and could not be happier!From the initial encounter with Nico…. helping me determine what would be the best for my home ….to installation with Adam who was efficient and fast. I had a softener installed in the garage; drinking water system under my sink; and water to the ice maker. The units fit perfect and they are compact too.I could tell the difference in my sinks, toilets, and showers to my now soft hair. My laundry also is coming out cleaner!On even more of a plus side, Nico reached out after the installation to follow up and helped me move the unit for some garage work. I could’ve not done this on my own. He worked around his schedule to make that happen and I could not appreciate it more.I appreciate this type of dedication and my hat is off to a job well done!!Thank you!
Zella MihldZella Mihld
21:02 18 Oct 21
I actually can’t fuss over the whole experience enough… Chris was the gentleman who came to our home in Dayton ( on time) went over the whole process with us… he didn’t need to do a sales pitch… our water is so terrible… however he so patiently went over the entire process… Next came Jesse (on time) the gentleman to do the install… what a beautiful job he did … from letting us know what he was doing… to cutting into the marble sink countertop for the water system… just a perfect job … about 5 hours I really don’t believe he even took a break … next thing we are setting up another visit from Chris to come by and test the system to make sure all was right … Pure water system is definitely a perfect change and a much better quality of life for us … Just a great job and company…




  • Nevada’s Proven Solution for “Rotten Egg Smell”
  • Designed to take on orange hair, toilet rings & unpleasant odors
  • Salt & Chemical Free Iron and Manganese removal
  • Solution for Low Ph aggressive water
  • Removal of Iron, Iron Bacteria, Sulfur, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, Black Manganese, Algae, Tannins, Arsenic, Low output well and low pH.



Chemical Free for Iron and Odors


Clean, filtered water for the whole home. Removes bacteria and other impurities through membrane technology.


When your iron levels are so high that NOTHING else works!



Your answer to Iron, Manganese & Low pH



Bacteria doesn’t stand a chance against UV Disinfection

water droplet - reverse osmosis water


Silecte™ is a revolutionary new disinfection system for water applications.



Enjoy Better Water Without Harmful Effects

Iron and other minerals like manganese harm many systems. In your water supply, they can stick to pipes causing clogged water lines. Iron buildup in your water heater also leads to higher power bills and premature failure.

Iron also has a distinct orange tint that leaves stains; even in small concentrations. You might see orange laundry or notice a red tint in blonde hair. If you have hard water, the iron leaves an orange hue that’s difficult to remove. You’ll see stained kitchens, dishwashers, shower doors and toilets. Iron and other contaminants also cause metallic or rotten egg odors, making your water unpleasant to use.

A quality water softener can remove iron from your water supply and help you enjoy better water without any harmful effects.

Our Iron Removal Products

Pure Water Systems of Nevada can remove iron and other common water contaminants. If your water has a low concentration of iron, we might recommend an ionic exchange softener to remove minerals. Water filters for high iron content provide added protection for more challenging cases.

In most scenarios, we use chemical-free air injection to oxidize iron and manganese. These substances are then trapped using filtration media. Our solutions remove iron, iron bacteria, sulfur, sulfate-reducing bacteria, black manganese, algae, tannins and arsenic.



Reasons to Choose Pure Water Systems of Nevada

As the highest-rated water treatment company in northern Nevada, you can trust us for water solutions like iron water filters for wells. We strive to provide every customer with clean, safe water. When you choose Pure Water Systems of Nevada for products, installation and service, you receive:

  • Quality products: If you need an iron removal solution, we’ll work to understand your water system’s issues and provide a product designed for years of service.
  • Trained experts: Our team holds Water Quality Association certifications, demonstrating a commitment to professional work. We’re also licensed contractors who can ensure your job is up to code.
  • Personal service: Whether it be a water softener for well water with iron or another product, you receive a unique solution for your needs.

Buy a Water Softener or Filtration System to Fix High Iron Levels

If you’re looking for the best water filtration system for iron, come to Pure Water Systems of Nevada. We will evaluate your water supply’s iron concentration, color, flow rates, and pH levels with a free water test. Once we know what’s in your water, we can provide expert recommendations to help you find the right system for your home. Contact us online to learn more about our products and services today.

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