If you need an alternative to a water softener system that doesn’t use salt, consider adding a conditioner and chlorine filtration system to your home. This system allows you to enjoy better water without adding sodium or potassium. Our systems remove chlorine from your water, making it taste better and healthier. Pure Water Systems of Nevada can help you find the perfect water treatment system.

Why Add a Salt-Free Conditioner and Chlorine Filter to Your Home?

A salt-free conditioner and chlorine system can prevent hard water from causing buildup in plumbing while removing excess chlorine. A salt-free conditioner suspends minerals in solution so they wash right down your drain instead of sticking to your water heater and pipes.

Unlike a water softener, these systems do not remove minerals like magnesium and calcium. Instead, they reduce the harmful effects.  Since there’s no need to add salt, a salt-free conditioner requires less maintenance and some homeowners prefer this option.

Water treatment plants often add chlorine to the water supply to kill bacteria, but it can also combine with other elements in water to create cancer-causing substances called disinfection byproducts. Chlorine also has a chemical taste and dries out your hair and skin. Our salt-free conditioners remove chlorine and chlorine byproducts from your water.

Conditioners and Chlorine Systems

If you’re looking for a salt-free solution to hard water, conditioners provide the answer. Pure Water Systems of Nevada offers several conditioners and chlorine systems to help you remove them from your supply or keep them from affecting your home. Our experienced staff can test your water for free to determine what approach will work best for you. We’ll consider your budget and needs to select a quality system. Here are a few of our top products:

Benefits of Choosing Pure Water Systems of Nevada

With 30 years of experience providing water solutions to northern Nevada, we know what it takes to make your water clean and safe. Our installers and specialists also have Water Quality Association certifications, demonstrating a commitment to high professional standards. Here are a few more reasons to choose us for your salt-free water system in Reno:

  • Highest-rated company: Our commitment to superior service and products has earned raving reviews from many customers across northern Nevada.
  • USA made products: We source our conditioners and other products from top American manufacturers to provide a durable system that consistently delivers high-quality water.
  • Community focus: We work only in northern Nevada, allowing our customers to enjoy personal service and expert advice from people who understand the region’s water needs.

Improve Your Water Quality

If you’re tired of lackluster hair and skin or want a solution that keeps stains at bay, consider adding a water conditioner and chlorine system to your home. With this addition, you can enjoy many benefits of soft water without the salt that water softeners need to operate. If you’re ready to see what a water conditioner can do for you, get in touch with our team. We’re happy to discuss options and pricing to create your ideal water treatment system.