Carson City School District Goes Bottle free

The Carson City School District has made it a priority to eliminate bottled water from all of its schools.


They have replaced the old standard drinking water fountains with new Elkay fountains that have a bottle filler on top so that students can bring their own reusable bottles and fill them with clean, filtered water.


When we received notice that they were having their annual vendor BBQ, we reached out to see if we could donate drinking water as we had in years past.


This time however, they declined our normal donation of bottled water and opted instead to have filtered water coolers installed temporarily for the event. We were delighted to find that the administrative staff held themselves to the same standards as the schools and students and were happy to provide filtered drinking water coolers for the event.

The Carson City School District has been a great customer for many years, so we sent out a technician to install the coolers the day before the event. Our Carson City Good Water Ambassador went out on the day of the event and had a great time seeing many old friends and met some new people too.

All in all, the event was a success and the filter coolers were a hit. No one missed the obsolete bottles of water from the old days!