Healthy Begins With Your Water! Healthier Skin & Hair, Shiny Fixtures, Shower Doors, Brighter Laundry, Clean Dishes, Granite that shines!

Here’s The 4 Best Systems For N. Nevadans!  There is no ” One Filter Fits all”  because N. Nevada’s Water chemistry  differs vastly by neighborhood.


For Municipal Water- Our best system-Reduces Slippery Feel!

Utilizing both Cation and Anion media(other softeners just use cation media) .  Water simply doesn’t get any better than this. For those who refuse to compromise on quality, this is the water quality system for you. The Reionator Pro Ultra is the top shelf of all water improvement products, and it has no peers. When you install the Reionator Pro, premium water circulates throughout your home, improving and elevating everything it touches. If you enjoy the finer things in life, this is the system for you.

The world’s top water conditioning system just got even better. The Reionator Pro delivers the latest in home water improvement technology, using the most innovative scientific know-how to deliver clean, clear, healthy water that feels great and improves the quality of life for your family. The Reionator Pro will raise the standard of the water you use in your life. When you experience the Reionator Pro, you realize this is more than just superior water — this is a superior life. And it’s astoundingly affordable. For more information on the Reionator Pro, click on our diagram to see how it works or download the Reionator Pro Brochure.

Smoother, Cleaner Skin and Hair

Your skin is like a sponge, absorbing water — and any impurities in that water. In fact, impurities in your home’s water can be devastating to your skin, contributing to dry and irritated skin, eczema, acne and more. Many skin care products are designed to address symptoms, masking the chemical and environmental damage. It’s time you invest in a system that addresses the source of the problem: your home’s water. When you use the Reionator Pro system, you’ll see and feel positive effects of cleaner, clearer, healthier water in your stronger, healthier hair and more radiant skin.

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Well Water Systems – Evolve EVRS water softener with W.E.T.

Is Hard Water: Leaving scale buildup on your faucets, counter tops, shower doors & toilets? Drying out Your hair & skin? Causing dull, dingy laundry?

Efficient homes start with soft water and efficient softeners start with the EVR. Our patented electronics allow us to fine-tune your EVR to perfectly match your household’s needs. Plus, the integrated self-cleaning features provide worry-free operation. The result is a high-quality water treatment solution that saves you money!   

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The Puronics® Defender™ IGEN®C
The 3-stage water softener for budget-minded consumers who desire the highest quality water.

The Puronics® Defender™ C (with Chloroshield™ Clearess™ media) utilizes our proprietary Chlorostatic™ Technology to reduce the levels of chloramine, chlorine and hardness . Backed by an amazing lifetime warranty, This whole-house water conditioner combines the advanced technology of the intelligent iGen® control valve and a durable fiberglass media tank to provide superior quality, healthy water for years to come.

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SALT FREE Sierra Spring Water Maker

Designed  exclusively by our 3 WQA certified Water Experts  to fix  the Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s tap water.

With up to a 2 million gallon capacity , The Sierra Spring VII is custom-tailored to the unique water quality issues in the Reno/Sparks area to be much more than a salt free descaler.  By addressing chlorine, disinfection byproducts, and even heavy metals homeowners and small commercial applications are able to have perfect water quality from every tap in the home while also recognizing the benefits of scale prevention.

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Expert Series RC Softeners AO Smith

Utilizing dual-chamber technology, our A. O. Smith® Expert RC unit combines the power of two medias in one tank. The high-performance resin media and activated carbon configuration filter and soften your water in a single unit.

The A. O. Smith Expert RC not only reduces hardness, it also handles common taste and odor problems, such as chlorine, associated with city water. The advanced, patented technology equipped in the controller also keeps your system running at maximum efficiency. Paired with our patented Water Efficient Technology®, the A. O. Smith Expert RC softener can offer the most efficient system on the market today. It’s also capable of connecting wirelesly with Wripli® for complete control of your water while you are on the go.

The system is designed to be environmentally-friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing, appliances, improving taste and eliminating unwanted odors. This combination makes a good, quality water for every day living.

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Water Softener Installation Northern Nevada - Reno / Sparks and Carson CityWhy Do People Need Water Softeners in the Reno, Sparks, & Tahoe Area?

Water softening is used if you have ‘hard’ water. ‘Hard’ water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium and can damage your pipes, and appliances. Water softeners remove these excess minerals and help extend the life your pipes and appliances. Our water specialists can consult with you on the best water softener system for installation, and help to not just sell you water softener installation but sell you a water softener system that meets your needs. From Reno / Sparks to Carson City and many rural communities in Northern Nevada, water quality is increasingly important to people across Northern Nevada. For drinking water, we recommend that you install some type of water filtration system or water softener. Some well water in Nevada / California is contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic. Other well water systems suffer from man-made pollutants. And still other water just tastes bad and smells bad. Our whole house water filtration systems can improve the quality and taste of your water.  Contact us today about water softener installation, sales, and/or service!

Hard Water Problems

Most homes in Northern California as well as nearby California towns like Truckee or South Lake Tahoe can have hard water to some extent, including those on municipal water supplies. Exactly how hard your water is will vary depending on where you live. Hard water is caused by groundwater dissolving and carrying away minerals, most often calcium & magnesium, from rock. Well water customers in Northern Nevada also often suffer from hard water, and can benefit from a water softener system installation for well water.

When hard water comes in contact with heating elements or hot surfaces, it forms “scale” that builds up and shortens the life of water-using appliances like your water heater. Hard water also leaves deposits on your plumbing fixtures, tubs, sinks, dishes, silverware and glassware that are virtually impossible to clean. With hard water, soaps and detergents aren’t rinsed completely away, leaving a soap residue in your tub and shower (bathtub ring), on your laundry and even on you. Water softeners remove the hardness minerals and some forms of iron.

Most water softeners use a process called ion exchange to soften water. Quite simply, within a water softener tank, calcium and magnesium (hardness) in water are exchanged with sodium or potassium (soft water ions). When the system can no longer make this exchange, it regenerates (cleans itself) so that it can once again exchange the hardness ions for soft ones. You may have heard about “salt-less softeners” and magnetic or electric descalers that are marketed today; however, none of these devices have proven as effective in actually removing hardness minerals as a standard water softener that uses ion exchange technology. Hard water contains dissolved calcium, magnesium and, in many cases, iron. Most homes have hard water, whether it is supplied by a private well or a municipality. In many cases, homeowners don’t realize they have hard water or the constant and expensive harm it causes.

Many Nevada residents mistake the telltale signs of hard water and blame the problems on inadequate cleaners and detergents and poor performing appliances. Or they resign themselves to the fact that these problems are simply a way of life. Dry skin and hair, bathtub ring, spots on glass and silverware, dull, dingy clothing, disappointing performance and a shortened life expectancy of water-using appliances are all problems frequently caused by hard water. Most don’t realize how much time, money and energy is spent fighting the hard water battle. Contact us for water softener installation in Reno / Sparks as well as all of Northern Nevada and nearby California cities like Truckee or Verdi.