What’s Involved With Owning a Private Well?

Maintenance for owning a private well  It would have been normal to send Jack and Jill over the hill to fetch a pail of water in the early morning hours of 1850, but things are much different today! Can you imagine life without modern-day plumbing or homes without even a single bathroom? Back in the…

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What to do if your well water tests positive for coliform

What to Do if Your Well Water Tests Positive for Coliform

Nevada state law does not require private well users to test their water for contaminants or bacteria. The burden is on the end user. At Pure Water Systems of Nevada we have installed thousands of sanitation systems on private wells. Contaminated wells are often test positive seasonally with heavy rains. If you rely on well…

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Well shock, tank & pipe sanitizing

Some people don’t know it, but part of water treatment involves sanitizing the piping, water tanks, and well.  Often times putting a filter system on isn’t enough due to what’s already in the pipes.  A sanitizing or ‘shock’ of all of the things that the water touches can allow the customer to start off with…

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Private Well UV Disinfection

When is the last time you tested your well for bacteria? Testing: Municipal supplies test their water for harmful bacterias regularly.  Some municipalities will test several times in one day from one source or another.  Customers pay for these tests when they pay their water bills as part of the service. Private well owners do…

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woman getting water from outside tap

Elevated Levels of Arsenic and Other Metals Found in Nevada’s Private Wells

Study shows that many household wells need better drinking water treatment and monitoring   Outside of Nevada’s bustling cities, private wells are the primary source of drinking water, serving 182,000 people. Yet some of the tested private wells in Nevada are contaminated with levels of heavy metals that exceed federal, state or health-based guidelines, a new…

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Decoding Your Water Needs: Pure Water Systems of Nevada’s Comparison Chart

In a world filled with water conditioning options, finding the perfect system for your unique needs can be a daunting task. At Pure Water Systems of Nevada, we understand the confusion that often surrounds this decision. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive comparison chart to help our local community pinpoint the exact water system that…

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best water softener for well water

Does a Water Softener Remove Iron From Well Water?

High iron water is a frustrating problem for homeowners with wells. From the ugly stains and discolored tap water to nasty iron bacteria in the toilet tank, iron is one of the most common complaints our water treatment experts around the country are asked to fix. Many of these homes already have a water softener.…

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