Industrial deionized water systems are necessary for many medical Laboratories, factories and industrial plants handling sensitive materials. Depending on your requirements, these systems can remove all ions from the water, ensuring it’s chemically pure and safe for use.

Since 1993 we have partnered with most of the manufacturing facilities in Northern Nevada, providing them with water as pure as 18 megohms.


Northern Nevada facilities that rely on clean, safe water for their operations choose deionization systems for various reasons, including to:

  • No Waste Water to dispose of – Our Di tanks are exchanged  once exhausted and rechared in our off site facility
  • Remove impurities: Deionization systems are a popular choice among businesses that need to remove mineral ions, pollutants, and other contaminants from their water.
  • Prevent corrosion: The lack of minerals in deionized water means it does not contain salts or other corrosive agents, common culprits in damaging pipes and equipment.
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs: Facilities using water deionizers can experience a significant reduction in maintenance costs as a result of the equipment removing the water’s ionic content. This process eliminates the risks associated with mineral deposits on internal equipment surfaces and reduces wear and tear. Plus, deionization systems allow facilities to produce high-purity water at a lower cost than buying commercial-grade or bottled distilled waters from outside sources.
  • Improve product safety: When operations choose deionized water treatments, they can improve product safety and quality by reducing the risk of microbial contamination.
  • Stay environmentally friendly: By installing an industrial deionized water system, you eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals to sterilize the water while still seeing exceptionally clean output.


Deionized water is a crucial component of many industries and applications, including:

  • Laboratories: Trace ions can affect scientific research, test equipment, and processing. Deionized water ensures all solutions remain free of charged contaminants.
  • Manufacturing facilities: Playing a key role in cosmetics and food manufacturing, water deionizers support manufacturing operations by minimizing the opportunity for corrosive buildup to form on equipment.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Deionized water is used in the pharmaceutical industry to create sterile solutions necessary for injectables and medications requiring high degrees of purity.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals use deionized water filters to produce pure water for lab work, decontamination, dialysis machines, and more.


Pure Water Systems has been the proven choice for industrial water solutions in Northern Nevada since 1993 . We’re locally owned and operated, and we work with your existing systems and equipment to provide easy, fast, and cost-effective water treatment solutions.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, our American-made systems come with industry-leading warranties , so you can be confident in choosing us as the proven choice for your water needs. We know every business is unique, so we take the time to get to know you to deliver an effective water treatment solution tailored to your needs.

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