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Reno Water Quality Report

Reno Water Quality Report

Reno tap water may meet legal requirements, but legal federal requirements are not always as high as the personal standards you have for your family. Reno water contaminants like chlorine disinfection byproducts, arsenic, and hardness present health concerns as well as aesthetic issues for your body and your home. Investing in a quality water filtration…

commercial and industrial water softening systems for the Reno NV area

Commercial Water Softening in the Reno Tahoe Area

Pure Water has been providing commercial and industrial water systems for the Reno Tahoe area for 27 years.  One of the most cost effective options for the customer is water softening. To soften water means to remove the calcium and magnesium that create calcium carbonate scale.  The scale will show on appliances, boilers, and fixtures…