The Sierra Spring Water Maker VII, 7-stage water conditioner

Designed exclusively by Pure Water Systems to combat the issues we see with the water provided by TMWA:

  • Chlorine
  • Chlorides
  • Pfos/Pfas microplastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Spotting & scale build up

By addressing chlorine, disinfection by-products, and even heavy metals homeowners and small commercial applications are able to have perfect water quality from every tap in the home while also recognizing the benefits of scale prevention.

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Evolve One Cartridge Filter

The unique ONE™ cartridge tank filter system is the ideal solution for the removal of a multitude of particulates. Designed to replace smaller, commonly used cartridge filters, the ONE system can utilize a variety of large capacity cartridges which greatly extends replacement frequency. Enjoy clean, crystal clear water from our revolutionary ONE filter system that is easy to use and virtually maintenance-free.

When Chlorine, trihalomethanes, odors and sediment is your concern (Like what we see in Reno & Sparks)

The Chlorine Gobbler system is what we recommend. This is a 3 micron carbon block with flow rates that can keep up with an entire household . Often times ,we’ll install this system in front of a of a water conditioner . The Gobbler removes the organics and the conditioner catches the “hard water”

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The Green Solution to Maximize Water Quality… Minimize Scale Build-up.

The Puronics® GOODSPRING™ BWS water treatment system offers environmentally conscious consumers a simple solution for great-tasting, crystal clear water. This ‘green’ system requires No Salt, No Potassium and No Chemicals to produce high-quality water while reducing scale caused by hard water with Puronics’ unique ScaleMax™ media. The innovative up-flow valve self-backwashes, eliminating the need for costly special drainage plumbing, while the exclusive JetWhirl™ technology maximizes filter media performance and extends service life. Puronics®combines this ‘green’ ScaleMax™ technology with its SilverShield® Protection to ensure your family will enjoy the highest quality water with minimal impact on the environment.

Big Blue Filter Housings

With these universally sized housings, we have the option to put in any one of a hundred types of filter cartridges. This makes them perfect as an addition before or after any system to make the water 1 step better.

Good applications for the big blue include:

✔ Chlorine removal as pretreatment for a reverse osmosis system or whole house water softener.

✔ Post filter for iron and manganese removal. With micron ratings as low as .15, the big blue filters can catch anything that makes it through the initial system.

✔ Odor removal and post filter for polishing water after it has been in a holding tank.

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Saltless water systems are a good alternative for those who need water treatment but prefer to avoid using salt or chemicals. There are a number of options to choose from. Some tackle scale, others are designed to handle drinking water safety concerns.

Scale Reduction Systems: Much of our water supply passes through rock, so it often contains hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium. When the temperature of water increases, the hardness minerals form scale, which clings to pipes, heating elements and fixtures. This scale buildup makes any water-using appliance that heats water (such as your water heater and dishwasher) work harder and can decrease its useful life. Scale reduction systems do not work the same as water softeners. They do not remove the hardness minerals and do not soften water; they change the structure of the minerals in the water so they don’t form scale.

RO Whole House Treatment Systems: These systems use semipermeable membranes to trap contaminants, iron, hardness and odor-causing impurities before they enter your home. Because of their expense, they are often reserved for the toughest and most complex water challenges.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems: These systems work by using ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms and make your water microbiologically safe to drink. While UV systems are very effective at disinfecting your water, that is their sole function. To resolve issues like hard water, iron and odor-causing impurities, you would need to add another saltless system like the SRS or a whole house treatment system.