Your Body is 85% Water- Here’s the Best , most reliable NSF Certified Drinking Water Systems you’ll find!

Find The Right System for Your Family  !  Pure Water’s Evolve REVERSE OSMOSIS(RO) system with a PH/ALKALINITY   Post Polishing Filter is our best seller . The  Evolve Ultra Pro  removes 99% of most  contaminants  and then the Ph/Alkalinity  Filter  raises the pH &   re- introduces necessary minerals back into the water .  If Chlorine or Taste is your main issue,  we’ll install a very high quality carbon block Filtration System  under your kitchen sink.

Why Do We Recommend The Evolve Ultra R/O System Over any other system? 

“We see daily reports of contaminated water & say to ourselves “our Evolve R/O  would have taken care of that “ . PFOS & PFAS (chemicals  invented for Scotch Guard) are  the latest emerging contaminants  that  the EPA doesn’t regulate, but there are actually hundreds or Volatile Organic Contaminants on their list. The Evolve R/O is your drinking water  insurance policy !”

Evolve ULTROWATER® Water Reverse Osmosis System


UltroWater drinking water systems deliver convenient, healthier water right to your faucet. With easy to change cartridges and faucet options to match any kitchen color and décor, UltroWater systems are the simple solution for healthy drinking water. In addition to an NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certification for reducing contaminants* including lead, arsenic, copper, cyst and chromium.

Reverse Osmosis  Post  Alkalinity/PH Filter –  Our Most Popular New Technology !

Our Evolve UltROWater  Reverse Osmosis System is often  necessary to remove  most contaminants , but they can  lower the PH of the water .

Many Health experts believe that  High Alkaline(high pH) water penetrates the red blood cells easier  thus hydrating your body more effectively and helping fight  toxins.

Our Impact Alkaline superior cartridges provide high pH Remineralized water for today’s health conscious consumer. By adding trace amounts of healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, the Impact Alka-line filter can change R.O. water from an acidic to an alkaline state in excess of pH of 9.5.

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AdVantEdge™ Arsenic  systems

AdVantEdge™ Arsenic  systems feature an integrated system design ideal for under counter household residential use. Features a single-stage treatment approach using a selected 4.5 x 10-inch cartridge for arsenic removal. The system includes housing components i.e., sumps, caps, mounting bracket, faucet (lead-free), shut-off device, and tubing for a complete unit. Rated cartridge life is every 12 months or 3,000 gallons whichever comes first (for 50 ppb arsenic).

AdVantEdge™ Dual Series POU under-counter systems are the perfect solution for providing arsenic-free water for cooking and drinking. Complete pre-assembled systems include cartridges, housing, bracket, automatic shut-off flow meter, connection tubing and attractive chrome faucet. Easy installation with rapid results.

Commercial Grade Water Filtration for the Home

When it comes to your family, you don’t believe in making compromises. That’s why Everpure makes the advanced performance of our commercial grade filtration available for home use. Our under-counter water filtration systems represent the ultimate in home water care. Each cartridge is made with seamless, polymer-lined aluminum; not plastic, like other filtration systems. On the inside, our Micro-Pure precoat filtration technology delivers six times more filtering power and superior chlorine and particulate reduction.

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Pure Water Reverse Osmosis System: Made in America 

We installed over 776 reverse osmosis water systems at the NAS Naval Air Station Fallon “Top Gun” base for Arsenic reduction.,

Made in America, this patented  plastic manifold eliminates as many as 22 connections and fittings  that other cheaper systems have.  The proprietary pre and post filters eliminate the need for extra filters, which keeps the operating cost low for the life of the reverse osmosis water system (RO system).

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Quantum Disinfection Bacteria/Virus Filtration

At Pure Water Systems , we offer this as a Post Reverse Osmosis filter or for the whole House.

Silecte™ kills better – up to 99.9999% of the bacteria – and adds nothing to the water. he water. No chemicals, no electricity and no side effects – just clean, pure water.

A Quantum Disinfection™ Carbon Cartridge kills ALL BACTERIA, including E-Coli, coliform, Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and any other microorganism.

The Story Behind Quantum Disinfection™

Quantum Disinfection™ is a new breakthrough in water treatment utilizing technology from the manufacturing of semiconductors. It’s sub-atomic quantum structure creates a highly charged surface that instantly destroys bacteria on contact. Nothing added to the water. No chemicals, no electricity and no side effects – just clean, pure water

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Contemporary RO Faucet Series-you have many styles and colors to choose from!

Oil rubbed Bronze, Black, Gold, Brushed Nickel, Chrome

Water filtration systems, throughout Northern Nevada and the Reno / Sparks area, are becoming a “must have” in an era in which people focus on the quality of their water and their health. Whole house water filtration systems, while generally a requirement if you’re pulling well water, are increasingly common in urban areas such as Reno or Sparks for people who want to improve their water quality and want a more eco-friendly option than bottled water or plastic water bottles. We’re the top company doing water filtration system installation in towns as diverse as Carson City and Reno, Dayton and Fallon not to mention Zyphyr Cove or Incline Village on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. Here are some options for water filtration systems for your home or business –

Reverse Osmosis Systems: Recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency as an effective means for treating drinking water, reverse osmosis systems process water by using pressure to force the water through a very fine, semi-permeable membrane. Usually, RO systems are comprised of a prefilter, a membrane and a postfilter, although some also offer various advanced filtration options. In the RO system, the prefilter removes larger particles from the water before it travels to the membrane. Then, the water is forced through the membrane, leaving behind the impurities that were in the water. Since the process takes time, a small tank stores the purified water until it’s needed. But before the water is dispensed from the dedicated faucet, it runs through a post-filter to remove any remaining tastes or smells. Water produced via reverse osmosis very nearly reaches the purity of distilled water but in a much shorter time and without using any electricity.

Carbon Filters: Carbon filters remove chlorine and unwanted tastes and smells from drinking water, but that’s primarily all they do. Simply put, the water passes through a bed of carbon that adsorbs any chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odors. There are various types of carbon filters available: pitchers, under-the-sink or countertop models, faucet mounts and those found in refrigerator water dispensers. The type that is right for you will depend on your need for water, what you want to remove from your water, the feasibility of installing the filter, the amount of filtered water you need, your desire for convenience and your budget.

Our service area for water filtration systems installation, service, and sales are Reno / Sparks (Northern Nevada) as well as nearby towns such as Dayton & Fernley, as well as Carson City. We also service nearby Northern California towns such as Truckee, Verdi, and South Lake Tahoe. If you’re interested in an estimate on a water filtration system for your home or business, please call us for an estimate.