Arsenic is a highly toxic metalloid found in the Earth’s crust. Concentrations can be Increased in volcanic areas such as NV or due to human activities like mining and agriculture. OVER TIME, ARSENIC INGESTED AT MINIMAL LEVELS ACCUMULATES TO HIGH LEVELS VIA BIOACCUMULATION.

Northern Nevada well water has the highest arsenic levels in the US and there are no laws requiring private wells owners to test for it. NAS Fallon chose us to install over 1,000 Arsenic system on their “TOP GUN “ base. Pure Water Systems of NV. Has installed thousands of arsenic systems in Norther Nevada. Arsenic contamination in N.NV private well water is an epidemic that needs immediate attention.

We routinely send postcards to rural well users in Washoe & Churchill counties warning them of the dangers. We’ve encountered hundreds of people who’ve either lost loved ones, contracted bladder Cancer, Leukemia, skin growths, or lost pets as a result of high levels of arsenic in their drinking water.

Organic arsenic is found in many food items like rice, apples, and wine. Organic arsenic isn’t nearly as dangerous, and has not been linked to the same health issues as inorganic arsenic. Inorganic arsenic is found in groundwater, and is known to have much more severe health effects. The inorganic arsenic in groundwater is most commonly found in 2 forms: trivalent or As(III) and pentavalent or As(V). As(III) is much harder to remove, so we typically convert it to As(V) first by oxidizing it.

A drinking water system is a must, but we also install whole house systems to limit exposure from inhalation while showering & concerns about young children using unfiltered taps.

1-Obtain a water test from a certified laboratory.
2-Determine what type of arsenic you have & what other contaminants may be present
in your water, as they may interfere with the arsenic removal process and should be
removed first.
3-Determine your water demands, water pressure and flow rates to properly size a
system to fit your needs.
4-Find a suitable location in your home to install the equipment.
5-Install the appropriate system for your household.
6-Test water every 3-12 months to insure system in working properly.
Depending on your unique water chemistry & demands, we can effectively design a
treatment system to suit your needs.


AdvantEdge Arsenic Removal Cartridge

Perfect for polishing the water after a reverse osmosis system, this cartridge removes 99% of As(III) and As(V) for healthy drinking water on the highest arsenic applications.

UltROwater by Evolve

NSF Certified to remove 97% of As(V). The slim profile of the unit allows you to enjoy all of the benefits without giving up your cabinet space.

Backed by a 10 YEAR warranty!

FerrIX Media

This whole house media traps and retains up to 99% of As(III) and As(V) without dumping. A no salt, no backwash, no electricity solution that is great for low level applications and as a polishing tank after our A400 system.

AdvantEdge Whole House Systems

Utilizing the same technology as our Ad Edge cartridge, this whole house filtration tank removes 99% of As(III) and As(V) for maximum arsenic reduction to every tap in the home.

A400E Regenerable Arsenic System

This unit removes 95% of As(V) and cleans itself with salt. It is our workhorse in high arsenic wells that removes a bulk of the
arsenic without costing the homeowners a fortune in replacement media.

Whole-home Custom Reverse Osmosis Systems

For the toughest of water problems, we offer whole house reverse osmosis systems. By using low energy membranes, concentrate recirc, and an advanced controller, we are able to achieve higher efficiencies and lower electricity use than other systems on the market. Our technicians have also completed the David H Paul Co.’s Advanced Commercial RO Training.

When it comes to whole home reverse osmosis, we are by far your best option!

Heavy Metals Removal: Mets orb®

• Arsenic
• Lead
• Zinc
• Mercury
• Uranium
• Copper
• Highest level of arsenic (III & V) and heavy metals removal
• Lowest interferences compared to ferric options
• Comprehensive solutions for point of use, point of entry, and point of treatment applications
• Complete technical support and customer service by the scientists and engineers who invented the technology

In January of 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has mandated by law that all water systems meet the new arsenic standard of 10 parts per billion. As a result, removal of arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals from water supplies has become a top priority for municipalities, small community water systems, schools, and individual consumers. Compliance with the new law governing drinking water will take an unparalleled combination of political foresight, financial resources, cost-effective technology, and common sense to ensure that the new EPA and individual states’ standards are met.

At Graver Technologies we’ve developed the removal products and methods that can help you meet (and in many cases) exceed these challenges and improve water quality in the future. Regardless of whether you’re a government official, corporate officer, engineer, OEM, or consumer, we have the products and methods to help you now. Our innovative and field-proven technology can help you meet present and future needs on a cost-effective basis
Heavy Metal Removal Granules

Highly Effective, Low-Cost Adsorbent for Reduction of Arsenic III & V and a Wide Variety of Heavy Metals

Arsenic Treatment Solutions - From the Company That Sells More Arsenic Filters in the U.S.


If you are looking for an arsenic treatment system, you’ve Arsenic Water Testing and Arsenic Water Filtration Dayton, Fernley and Washoe County Nevadacome to the right company! We’ve been treating arsenic in Verdi, Reno, Sparks, Spanish Springs, Palomino Valley, Washoe Valley, Carson City, Fernley, Fallon and Yerington since 1993. At Pure Water Systems, arsenic in water reduction is our passion because this Level 1 contaminant is very prevalent in our region, and it is a poison the effects the health of individuals, children and pets.

In 2006, the EPA lowered the acceptable amount of arsenic in water from 50 parts-per-billion (PPB) to 10 PPB (and in New Jersey and South Carolina, those levels were lowered to 5 PPB.)( Canada also as a limit of 5 PPB.) While these limits are monitored in municipal water sources by government agencies, private wells are unregulated and, too often, untreated. If you have well water in Nevada, you MUST test your water for arsenic.  We offer free water testing services, including testing for arsenic in water in cities such as Dayton, Fernley, and Fallon and throughout Washoe county.

Many of Northern Nevada’s private wells show the highest arsenic in water levels in the continental United States – in fact, those levels are comparable to Bangladesh, where arsenic poising remains a constant regional health risk. Over 65% of the private wells we have tested in Nevada and Northern California exceed the general EPA standard of 10 parts per billion (PPB) !!!– Some Nevada wells have actually shown arsenic in wall water levels in excess of 330 PPB! Recent studies show arsenic levels as high as 3 PPB affect your body’s ability to fight lung, bladder, kidney, skin and prostate cancer.

As a locally owned and operated Nevada company, we are concerned about the health of our community. At Pure Water Systems, we offer arsenic testing for private wells. You owe it to yourself and your family to reach out for arsenic water testing from a Northern Nevada company. This test is conducted by aprivate-3rd party lab. The results are sent to you, the consumer, and to us – no one else. If you are considering arsenic treatment for your home or, if you are simply wondering about the safety of your drinking water, please contact us today to take this important first step for your health, and peace of mind.


Arsenic remediation is our company’s #1 passion and You have many options available – we feel redundancy is not overkill . Over the years, we’ve encountered hundreds of clients who have lost loved ones and pet’s to arsenic poisoning FROM THEIR OWN PRIVATE WELLS – DON’T LET THIS BE YOU , GET YOUR WATER TESTED- ARSENIC IS BIO-ACCUMULATIVE –ONCE IT ENTERS YOUR BODY, IT DOESN’’T LEAVE !!

We encounter very high arsenic levels everywhere in Northern Nevada, on private wells in Reno, Sparks, Tahoe, Truckee, Verdi, Pleasant Valley, Washoe Valley, Fernley, Fallon, Virginia City, Yerington, Topaz – it’s everywhere!

Testing for arsenic in water before and after you install a system and maintaining your system after it is installed is crucial. Our water filtration systems are effective against arsenic in water; work with a reputable company to first, test your water for arsenic, and then create a water treatment plan.

What are the Effects of Arsenic 

Arsenic may cause  cancer of the lungs, bladder, skin, kidneys, liver and prostate.  

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