Fixing Air Gap Leak: How to fix the air gap leak

Bypass System Fleck Part 2: Fleck bypass on older units

Resetting Cooler Floats: Every Pure Water System comes with a backup float to prevent leaks in the case of a primary float failing, Here's how to reset the cooler float.


  • Leaking reverse osmosis faucet: The cause and fix for a leaking reverse osmosis filter faucet 


  • Bypass System Autotrol: How to bypass your unit with the Autotrol valve 


  • Bypass System Clack: On the back of every Pure Water Systems install is a bypass that allows you to turn water off to the system without turning the water off to your home 


  • Bypass System Fleck Part 1: How to use the two-handed bypass on your Fleck valve 


  • Bypass System Fleck Part 2: Fleck bypass on older units 


  • Fixing Air Gap Leak: How to fix an air gap leak 


  • Flushing Screen Filters: How to flush your screen filter 


  • Hot Water Reset: There is a hot water reset button on every Pure Water system to fix your hot water issues 


  • Resetting Cooler Floats: Every Pure Water System comes with a backup float to prevent leaks in the case of a primary float failing. Here’s how to reset your cooler float 


  • Turn Off Cooler: Follow these steps to learn how to turn off you cooler 


  • Reverse Osmosis System: Tony discussing the reverse osmosis system 


  • #1 Water Treatment Company in the Nation: Accepting the reward for #1 water treatment company in the nation 


  • Speaking at the Clear Choice Water Group Convention: Bryce presenting at Myrtle Beach 



  • Soft Water Cleaning: Tony giving a soft water cleaning demonstration at customer home 


  • Examples of Hard Water Side Effects in Rainforest in Costa Rica: Mike showing the side effects of hard water on the environment 


  • Underground Municipal Water Piping: Tony demonstrating what an underground municipal water pipe looks like 


  • Bottled Water Quality Right out of Tap: Tony doing a water test 


  • Water Softener Installation: Tony showing plumbing in crawl space 


  • Testing Reverse Osmosis System After Install: Tony testing a new system install with homeowners 


  • Hardness Test: Tony testing water hardness with homeowner in South Reno 


  • Cleaning Powers of Soft Water: Tony doing a soap test with homeowner 


Informational Videos:

  • Removing Arsenic from Water: Information video on arsenic in water 


On the Job:

  • Installing Temporary Filtered Water Coolers: Bryce at Carson City High School installing temporary filtered water coolers 


  • Installing Reverse Osmosis System at Old Trestle Distillery: Tony on the job at Old Trestle Distillery 


  • Installing an Arsenic System: Discussing a newly installed arsenic system 


  • On the Job in Dayton: Tony showing an early morning job in Dayton 


  • Throwing Away a Nuvo: Tony and Geoff throwing away a Nuvo 


  • pH Post Filter for Reverse Osmosis: Tony doing a pH test with homeowner 


  • Water Softener Install: Tony and Ryan showing home install 


  • New Wrap on Van: Tony showing the newly updated wrap on Pure Water van 


  • Installing an Evolve Water Softener: Tony showing a new water softener install 


  • Install in South Reno: Tony and Ryan doing an install in South Reno 


  • How Water Softeners are Made in Wisconsin: Tony at the manufacturer in Wisconsin 


  • Whole Home Reverse Osmosis Finished Job: Tony and Brian in Fernley showing a finished whole home reverse osmosis job 


  • Puronics System Install: Tony showing Brian’s puronics system install in home 


  • View From Under the House During an Install: Tony and Ryan showing what an install looks like from under the house 



  • Warehouse Inventory: Bryce showing the Pure Water warehouse inventory 


  • Issues with Nuvo: Bryce explaining the issues with Nuvo water filters 


  • Whole House Drinking Water Filter: Tony explaining the Sierra 7 


  • Evolve Sanitizer: Tony showing the Evolve EVRS, which replaced a Nuvo water filter 



  • Homeowner Approval on NASA Certified System: Tony with homeowner who approves new water filter system with NASA certification 


  • Homeowner’s Thoughts on Puronics Defender: Tony with homeowner who approves her new system 


  • Homeowner Approval on Reionator: Tony with homeowner who approves their reionator unit 


  • Whole House Filter Install Check: Tony with homeowner after doing an install check 

  • Raleigh P Testimonial: Another happy customer in Dayton, NV 


Who We Are:

  • Joe Tierney of Pure Water Systems: Joe Tierney introduction 


  • Pure Water Systems Intro: Bryce, Joe T., and Tony introducing the company 


How it Works:

  • Custom Tank Build: How we build your custom tank 


  • pH Alkalinity Test: pH test from our impact alkaline filter 


  • Cooler Service: How to complete a successful cooler service 


  • Custom Labeling: How and why we custom label every tank 


  • Service Sticker: We put a service sticker on every unit we install so that you know the last time your system was serviced 



  • Sierra 7 Spring Water Maker: The Sierra Spring VII multi-stage water filtration is the complete solution to the problems presented in chlorinated water supplies.  With inline scale prevention, the Sierra Spring VII will also prevent scale from ruining your pipes, water heater, and appliances 


  • Cost Savings and Recycling: Why drinking bottled water is not a smart choice 


  • Free Water Test: Call Pure Water Systems for an arsenic test 


  • Funky Smell: Call Pure Water Systems for a free water test 


  • Itchy Dry Skin: Call Pure Water Systems for a free water test and find out what’s really coming out of your tap 


  • Scale Build Up: Call Pure Water if you notice hard water build up in your taps 


  • Pure Water Filters Welcomes You to Our Website: Bryce describing the company 


  • Marshall Testimonial: Marshall Reality approves Pure Water Systems 


  • Bryce Intro Offer: Bryce discussing the company 


  • Pure Water Systems – Why Choose Us?: 2018 commercial 


  • Aircat Description: Chemical free iron, sulfur, and manganese filtration 


  • One Tank: Whole house chlorine and sediment filtration 


  • Puronics Defender: Whole house chlorine removal and softening 


  • Sierra 7: Whole house drinking water filter with salt free descaler as an added value 


  • Water-Right Sanitizer: Whole house softening, iron, and manganese 


  • Meet Pure Water Systems of NV: Reno’s premier water softener and filtration company.  Serving Reno, Sparks, Truckee, Carson City, Dayton, Fernley, Fallon, and other surrounding areas. 


  • Ultraprogood: Bryce discussing the innovative ultrapro 


  • One Tank Whole House Chlorine and Sediment Filter: One tank whole house chlorine, sediment, reverse osmosis, water filtration, purification 


  • WET Technology: Evolve water wet technology, water treatment, water filtration, hard water, arsenic, reverse osmosis, purification, testing 


  • Hard Water Testing: Have you ever wondered how your local Water Experts find out the hardness of your water? Watch one of our employees check this water sample from a home in Yerington, Nevada! 


  • We Fix Bad Water: Bryce discussing fixing bad water 


  • Pure Water Systems Reno Nevada: Clips of Pure Water Systems 


  • Pure Water Systems: March 2019 commercial 


  • Comp 1 1 1: Video on arsenic in Nevada