Why deal with the hassle of bottled water when modern filtration can give you EXACTLY the same water quality? (we’ve tested it)  If the large upfront expense of a filter unit, or the maintenance or filter changes have kept you from making the switch in the past, this program is perfect for you.

With options starting at $21.95/mo, purified drinking water has never been more affordable or convenient.  You’re thinking, “Sounds great, but how much do you charge me to change the filters?” All filter changes and other maintenance routine or not, are included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  You won’t find that from a bottled water company!


Don’t be fooled by the introductory rate from a home water delivery company, only to wind up paying $10 per bottle a year later.  With Truckee Meadows Water Systems, your bill is the same every month no matter how much water you drink!


Who is this right for?

-Any homeowner that is looking for home water delivery in the Reno, Sparks, Fernley, Fallon, Dayton, Carson City, or Truckee areas.

-Anyone that can’t lift or move the large 5 gallon jugs.

-Anyone who is currently buying Aquafina, Sparkletts, Nestle, Dasani, Smart Water, or any other reverse osmosis filtered water.


Call 775-324-2001 or email service@renowaterfilters.com for more information on all of our Residential Rental Options!

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