We have everything you need for better, safer water in your home.  Our products are built in the USA to perform and last.  We even back all of our products with some of the best warranties in the industry.


Evolve Ultra Reverse Osmosis

The Performance standard in r/o technology Your body deserves the best

  • Validated & Certified NSF 58 -WQA Gold Seal (show the seal)
  • Robust high output water flow
  • Innovative technology for longer lasting better filtration
  • Patented Environmentally conscious design (less waste)
  • Better & healthier Than bottled Water

Instant Hot purified water dispensers

 Convenient Hot Water when you need it!

  • Tea
  • Baby Bottles
  • Instant coffee
  • Hot cocoa
  • Instant soups

Pure Water Reverse Osmosis System:

Living in Northern Nevada Dry Climate

  • NV wells have had the highest arsenic levels in the U.S.
  • Used as a post /polishing filter after the R/O system to catch “bleed through “arsenic contamination

The Impact Alkaline -pH Remineralization Filter


  • Restore pH balance in body more than 8.0 to 9.0
  • High alkalinity water penetrates red blood cells better to better fight cancer
  • No more “flat ‘tasting Water
  • Antioxidant -Installs as a post filter to an R/O system

Advantage Arsenic Post Filter

Best Uses:

  • In 2001 during the cancer cluster, Naval Air Station Fallon had us install 776 of these units to remove arsenic and titanium –
  • NAS Fallon chose it because it has:
    • American Made -patented technology –
    • NSF certification -low operating costs
    • Reliable efficient easy change replacement cartridges

Quantum Disinfection Bacteria/virus filters

The best for killing Bacteria and Virus’s

  • Kills 99.9999% Bacteria and Virus’s
  • Chemical free/no electricity /no side effects
  • Used as a post filter or a whole home filter



Reionator Pro Ultra

Living in Northern Nevada’s dry high desert climate combined with Hard & heavily chlorinated water is no longer a problem

  • This single tank, revolution setting system with unmatched standards.
  • Efficiently Softens water with Clack Industry setting control valve
  • Also reduces the chlorine byproducts other systems do not
  • Chloramines, Volatile Organics, Pharmaceuticals, emerging contaminants like Pfos and Pfas and micro plastics
  • Reduces soft water slipper feel

Reionator Pro

Other Option:

  • Softener and certified Chlorine filter all in one
  • Clack Triton metered Smart Valve for maximum salt efficiency
  • Reduces soft, slippery feeling
  • Reduces Iron, lead, and nitrates
  • Limited Lifetime warranty last system you will ever need

Wolf package Conditioner

The most advances system we ever offered!

  • Two systems in 1 -designed by Pure Water Systems for N. NV
  • Softens water, removes chlorine & other known contaminants
  • Self-Sanitizing with built in chlorine generator
  • Low salt alarm
  • Wi Fi Smart & efficient Clack valve for 24/7 monitoring
  • Eliminates the need to change filters
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Puronics Defender

Our Best Seller

  • Three stage water conditioners for our budget minded consumers
  • Chlorostatic technology reduces levels of chloramine, chlorine, and hardness.
  • Intelligent I Gen Clack control valve for maximum salt efficiency
  • Backed by Puronics amazing lifetime warranty

Evolve Series EVRs Pure Water Softener

The Ultimate in Water Treatment

  • Designed to combat Nevada’s harsh well water
  • Innovative technology / save 50% on salt use
  • High output flow rates to alleviate dry hair and skin
  • Monitors and self-adjusts itself for maximum efficiency
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance



Sierra Spring VII

The Sierra Spring Water Maker VII 7 stage salt free conditioner only found at Pure Water Systems of NV

  • Designed and built by us as a solution to Northern Nevada’s harsh municipal water
  • Salt Free- 7 stage filtration process reduces disinfection byproducts
  • Superior Magnet technology controls scale and corrosion without chemicals by reversing polarity

One Cartridge Filter Tank

The One:

  • Uniquely designed to replace outdated, low flow smaller cartridge filters
  • Twenty-five gallon per minute super high flow rate
  • Ten times more capacity than traditional BIG BLUE Cartridges
  • specific replacement cartridges available to meet your needs
  • Sediment-chlorine- odors- deionization cartridges


Big Blue

The Best Filtration:

  • 20-inch cannister housings that hold hundreds of different type cartridge filters.
  • For odors, Sediment, iron, arsenic, chlorine, bacteria, deionization polyphosphate and softening cartridges available & in stock
  • Available as a Pre or post / polishing filter.